IT Vision

As AI’s processing speed and use of personal data continue to accelerate, companies are feeling the pressure of increasing regulations aimed at safeguarding sensitive information, preventing fraud, and enhancing customer relationships. Consequently, the implementation of these regulations has given rise to complex and strategic projects, especially in the banking and insurance sectors. Our goal is to empower you to fully participate in the emerging new worlds, and we are committed to providing expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Our offers

IT Strategy

We partner with C-Suite, Digital, and IT Management teams to conceptualize, design, and deliver technology-driven business transformations. At the intersection of technology and business, serving as the gateway to all of Eight & Co’s services, we help you leverage technology to successfully navigate complex transformations. 


We can support you in various areas such as existing infrastructure analysis, modern IT architecture design, IT system streamlining, cloud transformation, and change management. Eight & Co offers a comprehensive approach to address the challenges of the digital age and help clients achieve their IT vision.

Cloud & DevOps

We help businesses achieve their digital transformation objectives. The services include a Software Factory that utilizes DevOps practices to develop and deploy software quickly and efficiently, a team of Data Scientists and monitoring experts to help understand and leverage data, and a Cloud Migration Factory to safely migrate applications and data to the cloud. The company offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to address its clients’ digital transformation needs.