Customer Marketing & Journey

Navigating the data-rich environment dominated by digital giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, Eight & Co prioritizes customer-centric strategies. We support the growth and optimization of both B2B and B2C customer bases by leveraging acquisition and loyalty tactics and ensuring the economic viability of these actions and services.

With a 360° approach to customer engagement, Eight & Co helps clients navigate evolving challenges. These include extending customer relationships beyond usual boundaries, capturing and retaining a transient customer base, identifying key interactions, and improving customer experience using innovative, data and AI-driven solutions.

Our offers

Marketing Advisory

  • Tailoring offerings through customer and usage segmentation.
  • Enhancing cost efficiency and ROI through conversion funnel analysis.
  • Maximizing data utility with a data and AI-driven approach.
  • Comprehensive mapping of the consumer journey.
  • Developing customer, functional, and technical marketing roadmaps.
  • Designing multichannel B2B lead generation strategies, including inbound marketing, SEO, SEA, affiliate marketing, and referral partnerships.

Customer Lifecycle

  • Omnichannel strategy for customer lifecycle management.
  • Development of loyalty program initiatives.
  • Creation of data visualization tools that provide a singular, 360° view of the customer.

Marketing Approaches

  • Evaluation of the expectations of various stakeholders – the general public, partners, or employees.
  • Creation of a unified, omnichannel customer experience, informed by the customer journey model.