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Eight & Co is the firm that disrupts the present, shapes the future and propels companies through innovation.



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Our capabilities


Eight & Co incorporates a user-centric approach into their consulting services to effectively blend strategic vision, implementation, and operational reality.


To ensure a streamlined and secure experience, Eight & Co’s project teams adhere to a uniform set of certifications and adopt methodological and technical best practices for innovation and transformation with safety as a top priority.

Eight & Co forms proficient and versatile teams that are certified and regularly trained to offer project-based assistance. With a strong emphasis on both technical know-how and customer relations, our DNA fosters a smooth and cohesive global experience.

Eight & Co guarantees a smooth end-to-end project journey by providing assistance in overseeing project and team performance, implementing change management programs, conducting training sessions, and carrying out corrective or evolutionary maintenance of teams.


About us

Eight & Co is a distinctive player that uses technology and human expertise to support its clients as they successfully navigate the digital transformation process.

Our identity

In order to facilitate the transformation of its customers, Eight & Co is a unique player that combines disruptive technology and design.

Our purpose

To contribute to the world’s long-term, beneficial change.


Our mission

Through our organization, accelerate global transformation.

Our values

Maintain the strictest professional standards, considerably boost our clients’ performance, and create an environment that is unrivaled.