UX Studio

At Eight & Co, we recognize the significance of providing excellent customer experiences via intuitive interfaces. Our methodology is built around design thinking principles that give priority to the user’s needs in every project. Our team comprises skilled consultants, specialists, creative UX/UI designers, and web designers who work alongside our clients from the beginning to the end. We pay attention to every element of the design process, including the user validation stage, to ensure the final product is smooth and user-friendly. You can rely on us to create interfaces that will leave your customers happy.

Our offers


A comparison between UX/UI best practices and the current state of affairs.

UX framing

  • Conducting a design thinking workshop to identify user needs
  • Gathering end-user insights
  • Creating personas
  • Benchmarking UX/UI interfaces
  • Developing a tree structure and information architecture
  • Optimizing the overall user experience
  • Designing mock-ups
  • Conducting user testing.

Implementation of UI design

  • Branding
  • Interface design and micro interactions
  • Motion design
  • Design system for integration