Innovation requires imagination, courage, and unconventional thinking, which can lead to significant and responsible changes. We strongly believe that collective intelligence has the power to make a positive impact and transform industries.

At the core of innovation is our commitment to serving our users and addressing their challenges through solutions that benefit individuals, communities, and the environment.

Innovation is not limited to developing new products or services, as it can have a widespread impact on all aspects of a business. That’s why our innovation teams bring together consulting, technology, and design expertise to tackle a wide range of application domains.

Our offers

Strategy design and foresight

We assist you in identifying your future changes, seeing your future, and giving meaning to your vision by using fictional design and foresight methodologies.

Organizational transformation

Using innovative work practices and management approaches based on collective intelligence, we develop companies that are more nimble and powerful.

Product, service and experience design

In order to suggest new services, products, and associated business models, we research the requirements and behaviors of users.

Space design

We base the creation of new spaces (offices, innovation laboratories, start-up homes) on an observation of how people use them and the development of their working practices.

Structural innovation

From the opening of a new laboratory to the creation of an innovation roadmap, we assist in defining an appropriate innovation strategy.

Start-up studio

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are welcomed, and we provide coaching to increase their chances of success as well as assistance with starting a business.