IT Strategy

Our Tech team collaborates with General Management, Digital, and IT departments as the Enterprise Architect partner to conceptualize, plan, and implement technological advancements that drive business transformations. Our goal is to revolutionize the way technology integrates with our clients’ businesses and be the pioneers of a new world.

At Eight & Co, we specialize in guiding large corporations through complex transitions while maintaining a careful balance between various organizational and cultural factors. With our expertise in both technology and business, we help our clients leverage technology to successfully navigate challenging transformations and fully participate in emerging opportunities.

Our offers

Tech for human

Changes in management styles, organizational structures, and HR practices, such as Design Thinking and agility.

Tech for business

New products, services, business models, and operating models, together with integrated technology and business changes.

Tech for platform

Platform-enabled transformations (such as the Digital Factory and vertical business platforms) collaborated with various entrepreneurial models.

Tech for entreprise

Architecture and organizational changes, as well as disruptive « from inside » support strategies, as well as changes in IS and CIOs.

Tech for ecosystems

Transformations of businesses and industries that are rethinking themselves in the face of huge dangers (cybersecurity, compliance), even going as far as « secure by design »