Customer Journey

The customer journey product from Eight & Co assists businesses in implementing fundamentally new methods of operation and achieving the highest degree of customer experience. Rethinking current, frequently siloed projects and switching to client-centric value streams, agile operations, and the most recent modular data and architectural capabilities are the main objectives of our scalable approach to end-to-end customer journeys.

The customer journey at Eight & Co is far more complex than customer journey mapping. To maximize transformation and radically rearrange how change is implemented, customer journeys should integrate and empower new methods of working. A great customer journey strategy also dismantles fragmented projects and strengthens a bionic business by effectively fusing front-to-back digitalization, intelligent automation, and integrated data and analytics.

Our offers

Evaluation of maturity and advantages

Which gauges preparedness and possible effects of changing the customer journey.

Innovation design studio

So that via human-centered design workshops, we can collaborate with clients to reinvent their customer journey plan.

Fast digital transformation

Solving a particular company requirement or issue using a journey-driven strategy.

Transformational journey work

Synchronizes all organizational transformation projects.

Program for customer journey facilitation

Client teams are trained and given skills for a sustainable customer journey.