Regulations (GDPR, AI act…)

As AI’s processing speed and use of personal data continue to accelerate, companies are feeling the pressure of increasing regulations aimed at safeguarding sensitive information, preventing fraud, and enhancing customer relationships. Consequently, the implementation of these regulations has given rise to complex and strategic projects, especially in the banking and insurance sectors.

Our offers

Consulting processes/organisations

Whether it’s developing compliance strategies, implementing best practices, or conducting risk assessments. We work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and provide actionable insights that will help you achieve regulatory compliance while optimizing your business processes.

Operational support

With our comprehensive operational support services to help your organization comply with data protection and AI regulations such as the GDPR and AI Act. We assist you in developing compliance strategies, implementing best practices, and conducting risk assessments. We offer ongoing support to ensure that your organization remains up to date with the latest regulatory developments, enabling you to focus on your core business operations.

Project Manager support

We offers expert project manager support to help your organization navigate the complexities of data protection and AI regulations, including the GDPR and AI Act. We provide ongoing support throughout the project lifecycle, including risk assessments, compliance audits, and remediation planning. Our goal is to ensure that your organization achieves and maintains compliance with the latest regulatory requirements, while minimizing disruption to your core business operations.