Businesses must continuously transform to survive change, even if they are market leaders. However, most firms lack the discipline to succeed in their transformation efforts. At Eight & Co, we help clients overcome these challenges.

CEOs prioritize business transformation, but are aware of the high failure rates associated with such efforts. Despite this, many executives still rely on anecdotal information to increase their chances of success. We assist these leaders in adopting a different, data-driven strategy.

We assist businesses in implementing necessary transformations to combat declining performance and strategic crises, such as shrinking market share and declining profitability. Our team also helps with business turnarounds and restructuring to revitalize failing companies. Regardless of where our clients are in their transformational journeys, we work closely with them to change the trajectory of their businesses.

Our offers

CEO Excellence

We help CEOs optimize their performance by assisting them in key components of their role, such as strategy development, organizational alignment, team leadership, board interaction, stakeholder representation, and time/energy management.

Digital Strategy

We specialize in digital strategy development and identifying industry opportunities and threats from digital transformation. Our interactive workshops, using design thinking and supported by industry research and our own insights, guide clients to reframe their business. Our success in building large-scale digital businesses surpasses competitors.

Net Zero & ESG Strategy

Our company assists clients in evaluating the complete scope of their sustainability initiatives and analyzing their impact on portfolio, green growth, and decarbonization. We also aid them in effectively communicating their strategies and rationale to the capital markets.

Trends & Global Forces

Our aim is to assist clients in comprehending, predicting, and taking proactive steps to seize the opportunities presented by the patterns and influences that shape the global economy.

Growth & Innovation

We assist companies in their growth transformations by providing guidance on determining the « when, where, and how » and setting aspirations for sustainable changes.


We assist with transactions for companies and executives, including programmatic deal makers, prioritizing portfolio transformation, end-to-end delivery, strategy translation, flawless execution, insights capture, and capability building.