The « global design » approach involves designing different aspects of a project in parallel to ensure coherence and increase its impact.

For companies adopting a global design approach, various elements such as the website, products, services, communication, brand identity, furniture, premises, and even building architecture are imagined in a cross-functional manner as part of the same ecosystem.

In addition to its traditional applications, design has recently been utilized in top-level company operations, where disruptive techniques like design thinking, design fiction, or design sprint are used to create new visions, strategies, and business models. By prioritizing collective intelligence and user experience, design has become indispensable for innovation.

Our offers

Product Design

Our designers help design and manufacture innovative and responsible products; from the problem to the industrialization of the solution.

Service Design and Experience Design

Our experts imagine and implement digital and physical paths; thanks to our know-how in user experience and design thinking.

Space design

We assist companies in the design and implementation of new workspaces, innovation labs and start-up residences.

Design Fiction

We apply game mechanics to complex topics to optimize their understanding, adoption and dissemination.


With the help of objects and stagings, we exaggerate and provoke the future to make the impact on an activity tangible and to envisage the possible mutations.

Design Research

Doctoral students in design accompany companies in their research on emerging topics.