Climate Change and Sustainability

In order to prevent the most severe consequences of global warming, a significant transformation is required. However, there are indications that a fundamental shift towards mitigating climate change is already underway, despite the considerable challenge ahead. This shift is permeating all industries as businesses rethink how to incorporate sustainability into their operations. The early adopters who are leading the way in developing new markets are also profiting from the drive towards sustainability.

At Eight & Co, we help our clients accelerate their climate and sustainability journeys. Our services include identifying and harnessing climate innovation, integrating sustainability into their operations at scale, and capturing the value they create. Our work is as comprehensive as the challenge we face.

Our offers

Climate Innovation, Technology, and Growth

To bring the global economy to net zero by 2050, new technologies and business structures are required. Our team collaborates with customers to expedite climate innovation creation and scaling.

Sustainability Strategy and Transformation

Many businesses underestimate the pace and extent of change necessary to achieve scaled sustainability. We assist clients in transforming their businesses for the future decarbonized age.

Products and services with positive impacts

Transform your commitments into your goods, services, and spaces by using user-centered design and socio-environmental footprint monitoring.

Technologies with a positive footprint

Utilize low-tech, moral, and ethical solutions to improve the company and society’s environmental and social conditions.

Resilient organizations

Utilize Eight & Co’s experience in transformation and change management to impactfully alter enterprises.

Smart Climate

Take use of the chance provided by platform, AI, and data-science tools to handle the difficulties associated with extra-financial reporting, monitoring, and decision-supporting.