Product Management

With the explosion of data usage and the increasing adoption of digital interfaces, such as mobile and desktop platforms, product management has become a crucial component of the ongoing digital transformation that has spanned over a decade. This process represents the natural evolution of IT agile methods from functional and business domains to use value creation as its guiding principle.

We firmly believe that all companies should transition to product management in order to develop successful tech products that deliver value through usefulness and desirability, profitability, and satisfaction for both users and stakeholders. This transition ensures that product development is supported by both teams and users.

Our offers

Product Management and Product Transformation

We design and implement product transformation at the organizational level and operate all product roles, including proxy product owners, product owners, and product managers, during the many stages of a product’s life (Framing, Discovery, Delivery, Growth).

Product Acculturation, Training & Mentoring

Through acculturation events, training programs, and mentoring initiatives, our expertise in product management enables us to support teams’ and individuals’ growth in competence.

Product Management Data

Our hybrid approach to product management, which fully integrates the challenges of data and enables it to be driven by value, is made possible by our experts who possess both dual data & product skills. This approach can be viewed either through the lens of « data as a product » or through that of the generalist product.

Product Management – UX & Accessibility

Our hybrid User eXperience Product Owners (PO-UX) are responsible for ensuring the quality of the product experience throughout the product life cycle by using a user-centered approach with a special emphasis on Digital Accessibility.

Product Business Modeling

In the phases of discovery, delivery, and growth, product business modeling focuses on striking a balance between the commercial viability of goods and the user experience.

Product Marketplace & Digital Plateform

By placing a higher priority on business value, the application of Product Management techniques (Discovery, MVP, Growth) to Transactional Platforms & Marketplaces lowers the economic uncertainty of these complex ventures.