Executive Coaching

We provide a variety of intricately designed initiatives intended to facilitate the cultivation of influential leadership abilities and promote cohesive team dynamics.

Designed to systematically improve business practices through tailored educational initiatives targeting previously pinpointed shortcomings, these multifaceted development programs incorporate interactive workshops, one-on-one coaching, and mentorship designed to suit a company’s unique requirements.

We provide in-person, virtual and hybrid trainings, delivered on either a one-off basis or packaged together, which can be tailored from days to months depending on budget and desired outcomes. Every training is available in English or Chinese on topics such as building a winning team, cultivating careers, inclusive teams, managing conflict, the multiplier effect and psychological safety. In person training takes place in Singapore
Our coach community boasts some highly experienced professionals who administer these sessions with effectiveness.

Our offers

Setup Vision

  • Connect with purpose and values
  • The vision statement
  • Team level agreement

Manage Performance

  • Coaching and feedback
  • Cultivate your career
  • Inclusive team
  • Manage the conflict
  • The multiplier

Build-up Winning Team

  • Psychological Safety
  • High impact teaming
  • Speed of Trust