Digital Factory

The Digital Factory operates in an agile manner to design and develop web and mobile products in collaboration with business teams or IT departments for tailored projects. A diverse team of skilled professionals, including Product Owners, Data Analysts, UX/UI Designers, Scrum Masters, and Developers, work together over a streamlined timeframe of 2 to 6 months to create a user-centric Minimum Viable Product (MVP), or a fully customized final product as per the project’s requirements.

Our offers

Strategic framing

From consumer journey workshops to customer strategy development, service innovation, and analysis of existing practices, we cover all aspects of business optimization. Our data and AI driven strategy enables us to deliver real-time insights and recommendations, while our expertise in positioning applications within the customers’ strategy ensures seamless integration. With our optimization recommendations for business processes and IT architecture, our clients can achieve sustainable growth and success.

Data integration

Our team of experts is skilled in upgrading and integrating complex data systems, enabling you to access valuable insights and make better-informed decisions. We understand that data can be overwhelming, which is why we work with you to streamline your systems and simplify the process. With our data integration upgrades, you can take your business to the next level and unlock the true potential of your data.

Organizing and conducting design workshops

We offer a range of services that help you understand your users and create user-centered designs. Our needs definition workshop and search for end-user insights help you identify user needs and pain points, while our persona development enables you to create user profiles that inform your design decisions. Our UX/UI interface benchmark, tree structure, and information architecture services ensure that your design is intuitive and user-friendly. We also offer global experience optimization to improve your users’ experience across all touchpoints. Our mock-up and user testing services allow you to validate your design before implementation, ensuring that your users have a flawless experience. With our expertise in user experience design, we help you create experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and growth.

UI design

Our team of experts specializes in interface design and micro interactions, creating interfaces that are intuitive and engaging. We also offer motion design services that elevate static designs into dynamic, immersive experiences. Our design system for integration ensures that every element of your product or service is cohesive and consistent, giving your users a seamless experience across all touchpoints.


We provide comprehensive roll-out support to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of your projects. Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, from planning to execution and beyond. We understand that the success of your project relies on a seamless roll-out, which is why we offer customized support that meets your specific needs. Our roll-out support services include training, documentation, and ongoing support to ensure that your project is a success.


We understand that the acceptance phase of any solution is critical to its success. That’s why we offer expert management of the solution’s acceptance phases. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your solution is accepted smoothly and effectively. We work with you to develop a comprehensive acceptance plan, including the identification of acceptance criteria, test cases, and user acceptance testing. We also offer support during the acceptance phase, including defect management and resolution. With our expertise in solution acceptance, you can be confident that your solution will be implemented successfully and meet your business objectives.