Digital Experience

The past decade has seen an acceleration of digital experiences, leading us into the « experience era » and changing the way the game is played. Digital has become an integral part of our lives, transforming the rules of the game. Digital has become the greatest ally and accelerator of the experience. For customers, the physical and digital experiences have seamlessly merged, enhancing each other. Therefore, the digital experience offers businesses a significant opportunity to advance growth plans that are difficult to achieve through other means.

Our offers

Digital Organization

The organization’s capacity for innovation, made possible by the digitization of business processes, change management, and digital acculturation

Digital Business

Value creation with the « financial performance » method made possible by digital: Digital Strategy, Business Model, and Business Plan

Digital Factory

Organizations may speed up their time to market with the help of Eight Business Consulting’s Digital Factory, a working approach that combines techniques, processes, tools, human resources, and management

Digital Marketing

The operational customer acquisition levers are arranged around the triptych as follows: Purchase, Conversion, and Retention

Customer Experience

Systematic evaluation of customer knowledge along customer life cycles and pathways

Smart Data

Customer data valuation, data use, and data visualization