Change Management

For any significant digital transformation project, it’s essential to ensure that all employees, including end-users, ambassadors, local managers, and top management, are fully engaged in the process of organizing and adopting new processes and tools, even on an international scale. At Eight & Co, we specialize in ensuring the success of such projects by providing comprehensive support that spans the framing phase of the adoption process to ongoing project management, including measuring team engagement and performance. We work with first-rate partners to ensure that our clients have access to the best resources available, and we pride ourselves on delivering results that exceed expectations.

Our offers


We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs, including the number of users, business context, and available means. From there, we develop a customized action plan and roadmap, which includes framing, pilots, KPIs, and ongoing follow-up. Our user training services ensure that your employees are fully equipped to leverage the new tools and processes effectively. We also offer drafting services for user guides and operational procedures to support your employees in their day-to-day work. To facilitate communication and collaboration, we offer exchange tools such as chatbots and gaming platforms, which can help to improve engagement and streamline workflows.


We help you communicate the benefits of the change to your employees, train them on the new processes and tools, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. We also monitor and measure the effectiveness of the change management strategy, making adjustments as necessary to ensure its success. With our expertise in change management, you can be confident that your digital transformation project will be a success, and your business will continue to thrive.

KPI & Monitoring

Change management is a critical component of any successful digital transformation project. At Eight & Co, we specialize in supporting organizations through the deployment of change management tools. We work with our clients to identify the specific needs of their organization and develop a customized change management plan that includes tools such as communication plans, training programs, and feedback mechanisms.  We also offer ongoing support to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the change management tools, making adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful adoption of new processes and tools. With our expertise in change management, we help you navigate the complexities of digital transformation and achieve your business objectives.