Retail & Luxury

Today, the major players in various sectors are committed to responsible growth and strive for excellence in their products and customer relations. At our consulting agency, we collaborate with luxury brands, textile and beauty groups, pure digital multi-specialist players, selective distribution players, and department stores to enhance their business performance and optimize the customer experience through digitalization, data, and AI. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business objectives while maintaining their commitment to responsible growth. With our expertise and tailored solutions, we assist them in leveraging the latest technologies and trends to stay ahead of the competition and ensure customer satisfaction.

Transformation & Challenges

Innovation services

The major players in the industry face several business and technological challenges to enhance the in-store experience, strengthen the client/salesman relationship, innovate, and create new services that cater to the needs of a demanding and global clientele. These challenges are crucial for creating a competitive edge in the market.

Customer Relationship

As e-commerce and associated services continue to grow, and new agile and environmentally responsible brands emerge, luxury, textile, and beauty brands and retailers are facing the challenge of rethinking their customer experience. It’s crucial to build a sustainable customer relationship while preserving their brand image. Eight & Co can assist brands and retailers by providing them with innovative strategies and solutions to navigate this evolving landscape. 

Digital/physical experience

As shopping becomes increasingly hyper-connected, physical stores and human staff have become more critical than ever in establishing meaningful relationships with customers. By leveraging technology, these stores and staff can provide a unique and high-quality shopping experience that meets the evolving needs and expectations of customers.

    Measuring ROI

    Revised: Implementing a customer-centric strategy involves activating customer relations, strengthening customer knowledge, and adopting advanced CRM and clienteling solutions, along with offering premium in-store experiences. To optimize decision-making and steer the customer vision, it is essential to measure business performance and ROI.



    Customer centric marketing
    Mapping customer value, devising a customer strategy, and creating an omnichannel plan for engaging customers.

    Customer Experience and Service Innovation
    Explanation of the consumer journey and clarification of what is meant by digital or high-end in-store experiences.

    Customer Relationship
    Developing a clienteling strategy and designing digital tools/devices.

    Commercial performance
    Reating an omnichannel CRM framework that includes sales, marketing, and other forms of automation, customer service, mobile applications, as well as performance analysis, and optimizing commercial efficiency through organizational improvements, tools, and processes.

    Developing a strategy for data and customer insights, and integrating artificial intelligence into the culture of the organization.

    Information System
    Creating a comprehensive plan for omnichannel transformation an

    Animation & Deployment

    Design Thinking and Business Canvas.

    Project support in agile mode

    We provide agile coaching services to our clients, which includes guiding them on SCRUM and KANBAN methodologies, analyzing their current situation, making recommendations, and supporting their agile teams, including Product Owners and Scrum Masters. Additionally, we can assist with repositioning and optimizing their agile processes.


    Our services include project framing, UX/UI design, customizing solutions to meet specific client needs, and providing support to sales teams in adopting and effectively using the tool.

    Web and mobile services design (Digital Factory)

    We offer services in the areas of project framing, as well as UX/UI design and development for both web and mobile applications.

    Data Management 

    Our expertise lies in Big Data architecture frameworks, data governance, migrating databases, as well as setting up on-premise or cloud data storage solutions. We also specialize in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes and ensuring data quality.

    Data analysis

    We can help businesses achieve a single customer vision by providing services such as customer value mapping, inventory management, and store performance analysis. Additionally, we offer seasonality analysis, impact analysis of sales actions, as well as inventory and supply chain optimization. We can also assist in improving the purchasing funnel.

    Data Visualisation

    We offer services in project framing, as well as providing support for implementation and adoption.

    Innovation data science and AI

    Our services include developing sales forecasting models, implementing fraud prevention and detection systems, utilizing IA-Bots, creating POCs for AI solutions, and providing support for industrialization.

    Change management

    We provide services such as deployment audits, creating action plans and roadmaps, framing and implementing drivers, defining KPIs and monitoring tools, providing user assistance, writing user guides and operational procedures, and deploying exchange tools such as chatbots and gaming platforms.



    We have expertise in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, Agile methods including Scrum, and AI acculturation.