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Design Thinking

Dive into a 2-day intensive workshop tailored to immerse you in the essentials of employing Design Thinking for innovation. For organizational evolution, embracing change and pioneering thought is pivotal.

Design Thinking propels you towards success, tailoring products, services, and programs for and alongside the individuals we serve, including our consumers and users!


DAY 1 Delve into the fundamental methods and strategies of harnessing design thinking for problem resolution and pioneering endeavors.

DAY 2 Engage in hands-on application of the design thinking methodology through a case study exploration.


  • Deepen your knowledge of design thinking principles and their execution.
  • Access top-tier strategies and instruments.
  • Cultivate ‘Design Thinking’ expertise across your organizational hierarchy.
  • Master the art of leveraging design thinking for problem-solving, innovation, amplifying customer engagement, and addressing diverse challenges.
  • Empower yourself to be more imaginative, adaptive, and efficient in your ventures and workflows.

Duration: 2-3 days workshop Reach out for a customized quotation. Also available for in-house training.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Guide for Managers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of technological advancements, promising significant changes to our businesses and communities. Dive deep into the evolving world of AI in this course, exploring its numerous applications across business and governmental sectors, and its strategic alignment with your goals. Additionally, hands-on AI case studies will provide you with actionable insights to incorporate into your present business or department operations.



  • Exploring Horizon and Environmental Trends
  • Envisioning the Future: Scenario Development
  • Sparking Creativity and Idea Generation
  • Tackling Strategic Decisions in Ambiguous Situations


  • Determining Key Issues and Temporal Focus
  • The « Inevitables »: Dominant Driving Forces to Recognize
  • Delving into Strategic Environmental Trends, Recognizing Uncertainties, and Spotting Outliers
  • Pinpointing Strategic Discrepancies and Potential Opportunities
  • Comprehending Potential Outcomes, Alternatives, and Potential of Opportunities
  • Collaborative Ideation for Visualizing Future Prospects (Micro-Scenarios)


  • Deepen your grasp of AI and its integration into business strategies.
  • Explore various AI forms and their implications illustrated by real-world examples.
  • Get acquainted with the present-day business applications of AI across diverse sectors.
  • Elevate your professional profile, enrich your resume, and boost your career potential.
  • Experience a pragmatic, case-study methodology that is directly transferable to your professional environment.

Investment: 2,200 USD for a 2-day intensive training. Note: Tailored in-house sessions of this course are available upon request.

Business Model Generation: Innovate and Redesign Your Business Model for a Competitive Edge

Many enterprises within the GCC, despite enjoying stability for many years, are now confronting a rapidly evolving marketplace. The strategies and structures they once relied upon may now be outdated, if not entirely obsolete.

This workshop delves into the transformative potential of the “Business Model Canvas”. This canvas isn’t just a tool; it’s a blueprint for innovation, strategic thought, and shaking off outdated ideas. By leveraging this canvas, businesses can explore uncharted territories or the so-called “blue oceans”.


  • Understanding Business Model Concepts

  • Diving Deep into the Business Model Canvas

  • Examples of Business Models

  • Crafting Your Unique Business Model

  • Recognizing Business Model Challenges and Identifying Patterns

  • Embracing Design Thinking

Advantages of Attending:

  • Master the pillars of effective strategy execution, translating theory into action.

  • Grasp the significance of well-defined objectives, KPIs, and initiatives, ensuring your organization is pointed in the right direction.

  • Unpack the Balanced Scorecard: Look beyond mere tools to develop a holistic management system.

  • Bolster your professional credentials, significantly amplifying your career prospects.

  • Gain hands-on, actionable strategy insights to apply directly in your professional setting.

Investment: 2,100 USD for a comprehensive 2-day training. Note: Tailored in-house sessions are available upon request.

Fundamentals of Blockchain

Guiding Your Organization’s Blockchain Journey

Join us for a 2-day workshop tailored for professionals keen to delve into the world of blockchain and its organizational applications. Taught by leading industry figures, this course elucidates the intricacies of blockchain through easy-to-understand language and contemporary case studies.



  • Tracing the Origins of Blockchain
  • An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
  • Core Concepts of Blockchain
  • Evaluating Your Organization’s Blockchain Readiness


  • Blueprint for Blockchain Integration in Your Organization
  • Crafting a Strategy for Blockchain Deployment
  • Analyzing Costs and Benefits
  • Glimpsing the Future: Upcoming Blockchain Trends


  • Recognize the implications of digital transformation on your organization.
  • Understand the urgency and importance of gearing up for a Digital Shift.
  • Acquire insights on molding a digitally adept organization.
  • Pinpoint the skills essential to facilitate your digital evolution.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by grasping this globally trending technology.

Duration: 2-day intensive session Reach out for pricing details. Also available for in-house sessions.